An historic town, an destination for leisure only.

Located in northern Portugal, Vila Nova de Cerveira is a historic village, composed of narrow streets which are populated by manors of Minho from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A face framed in a picturesque natural sanctuary, ornamented by green mountains and by the delectable course of the river Minho. Visit Vila Nova de Cerveira, this unique leisure destination.


On the border between Portugal and Galicia

River Minho estuary forms the border between northern Portugal and Galicia. It is a very important ecological, historical and cultural area of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Natural and cultural wealth of the region

Trekking is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the natural and cultural diversity of Alto Minho. For all nature lovers we highly recommend that you check our available programmes, created with Elos da Montanha – company formed by a team of mountain guides and connoisseurs of the territory. They are the ideal acquaintance for those seeking to discover the most beautiful landscapes and traditions of the region.


In Vila Nova de Cerveira and its surrounding lands, you'll be able to enjoy and take part in cultural events and be in touch with the local community and its customs.

Explore the Alto Minho

Get to know the Alto Minho, with the Walks, Tours and Adventure Tourism the region has to offer.

Pedestrian Walks

Explore and discover the region's landscapes, traditions, customs and points of interest with these guided walks.

The Land of harts

Flavors of Minho

Mountain Trail

Tours on Alto Minho

Get in touch with the cultural wealth of the region, as well as the historical cities and villages that surround it with these guided tours.

Vila Nova de Cerveira | Fortress of Valença | Monção

Transhumance villages – Monção

Santiago de Compostela

Tourism Adventure

If tourism and sports are more to your liking, explore the Alto Minho landscapes with these active programmes.

Farms to Visit

Discover the wonderful Alvarinho wine farms and producers from Minho. Experience the best Vinho Verde, from the grapevines to the glass. Ask us more at the Hotel Receptions.

Quinta da Pedra

The 47 hectares of Quinta da Pedra, located in the Monção county, are responsible for the largest area dedicated to the Alvarinho caste in the region. Its production, careful and precise, originates excellent wines.

Quinta Edmun do Val

Situated at Lugar da Torre, between Portugal and Spain, Quinta Edmun do Val produces Alvarinho wines of great quality. Its 7 hectares of grapevine are to blame for an excellent, however young, wine production.


MQ Wines

MQ Vinhos is a 'boutique winery', housed at Quinta do Mato, between Monção and Melgaço. This farm has been in the family since 1683, and produces DOC wines, betting on a small but excellent production.

Palace of Brejoeira

Built within Quinta do Vale da Rosa, the Brejoeira Palace houses 18 hectares of highly esteemed Alvarinho grapevines. Its exemplary care of grapes produces wine and brandy of the finest quality.

The perfect stay

Hotel Minho has a total of 60 bedrooms and 5 theme suites: 15 double bedrooms (double bed), 42 Twin bedrooms (two single beds) and 3 family bedrooms (with an extra bed). Know more.