Melgaço - Village of Transhumance - Monção



We have arranged a meeting with history and tradition in the beautiful historical center of the Village of Monção, crowned by the castle tower. At any time, we might come across fantastic creatures like “arganões” (imaginary beings) and other magical beings, immortalized by Celtic tales and myths; a meeting with kings and queens devoted to this heroic and brave ancient people. You’ll get ot visit the historic center, an Alvarinho manor, the Museum of Cinema and the Emigrant Museum, and get a taste of the regional cuisine at lunch.

Transhumance villages

Get acquainted with the beautiful landscape and ancient customs, derived from the ancient relationship between Man and Nature. You’ll be able to visit the Bramas, ancient summer houses.


In the coat of arms of the village of Monção, a woman in a tower waves with a loaf of bread in each hand... Visit one of the most sumptuous aristocratic palaces from Portugal and discover its history.

Visit to a wine estate of Alvarinho wine - the Alvarinho terroir; tasting the prime of the Minho Valley´s white wines.

Visit to an Alvarinho Wine Farm

The terroir of Alvarinho; Taste the excellence of the white wines of the Minho Valley. Visit the Brejoeira Palace and another farm.

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8 hours
Wear confortable clothing and shoes;
Don't forget your camera.