Vila Nova de Cerveira - The fortress of Valença - Monção


Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira, known as the Village of the Arts, was established after the Arab invasions. Its territorial importance was reinforced in 1096, when the Portucalense County became an autonomous country, and latter yet when D. Dinis granted Villa Nova de Cerveira its “Carta de Foral” (a document granted by kings, legitimizing a town’s existence and stating it’s administration and privileges). This beautiful town is worth visiting, its discovery a challenge to your senses. The tour includes a visit to the Hart Belvedere (“Miradouro do Cervo”), to the San Payo Convent and the town’s historical centre.

Valença´s Fortress

Dating back to the period between the XII and XIII centuries, the Fortress of Valença was built to defend the village of Valença and the crossing of the Minho river. In the XVII century, the fortress was restored and upgraded, its construction overseen by Miguel de L’Ècole.


In the coat of arms of the village of Monção, a woman in a tower waves with a loaf of bread in each hand... Visit one of the most sumptuous aristocratic palaces from Portugal and discover its history.

Visit to an Alvarinho Wine Farm

The terroir of Alvarinho; Taste the excellence of the white wines of the Minho Valley. Visit the Brejoeira Palace and another farm.

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8 hours
Wear confortable clothing and shoes;
Don't forget your camera.